Peter Glass and Associates, were selected by the owners of this compact property in Sydney’s inner eastern suburbs to help them achieve the seemingly impossible – to create a magnificent swimming pool and adjacent entertaining areas that would not only meet the needs of their young family and look spectacular day and night, but also fit into the tiny multi-level space available. 

The pool, which had to be designed to satisfy seemingly insurmountable Council requirements, was designed, approved and constructed in less than 12 months, with the Clients swimming by Christmas as was their dream. 

Designed as a water feature that you can swim in, pool fencing for this pool was minimised whilst still fully complying with all Australian Standards.  The fountains and cascades are adjustable, ensuring that the waterplay is as gentle or as vigorous as the mood desires. Illuminated at night, the fountains and cascades create a whole new look for the pool area, especially when viewed from the adjacent underwater seating areas.