Located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, this visually striking Swimming Pool and landscape were designed to fit in with the overall style of this grand property – and the lifestyle of its owners! Our Clients wanted a pool and surrounds that were formal yet contemporary, had drama day and night, complemented the existing adjacent curved sandstone walling, and were suitable for relaxed family weekends as well as for large scale entertaining.

This project stands out for many reasons, including the overall design that ties in so well with both the style of the existing residence as well as with the Clients’ lifestyle; the unique radiused shape of both the Pool and Wisteria Arbor; the custom-designed and fabricated, curved ‘rainwater curtain’ that runs the entire length of one side of the Wisteria Arbor and is lit by fibre optic lighting (with changeable colours) from within the rainwater curtain itself, creating a beautifully dramatic sound and light effect; the Alhambra-style fountains that arc up from just above water level; the beautifully curved and crafted sandstone bullnosing and paving, selected to match the existing sandstone paving around the main Residence; the magnificent blue/black Italian glass mosaic tiled interior; the classical reconstituted stone arbor columns, set onto stone plinths extending up out of the Pool, and supporting large timber beams and rafters which themselves support the flowering wisteria vine over; together with beautiful combination of formal and informal garden areas plus the seamless integration of Pool, Residence and landscape. 

In addition, a large easy-access Storeroom/Filtration Room and a 75,000 litre rainwater storage tank have been constructed under the Pool concourse. Potentially saving hundreds of thousands of litres of water a year, the rainwater storage tank enables recycled rainwater to be used for lawn and garden irrigation purposes as well as for topping up this approximately 8.6m x 4.5m size Pool. 

This innovative project, which was a finalist on the popular ‘Australia’s Best Backyards’ program, is of the highest structural and aesthetic quality. Even with its luxurious appearance, this exciting project still incorporates important elements of environmentally sustainable design (ESD), particularly with regard to rainwater harvesting and reuse, and low energy lighting.

Our Clients are delighted with how their project turned out and with the ‘extra dimension’ that this has added to their lives.