We were very fortunate indeed to be engaged by the wonderful owners of this six acre property in the Hills District north-west of Sydney. Our Clients had recently purchased the property and were planning to build a new home at the time. Two acres of the property were to be set aside for horse riding and equestrian facilities, whilst the other four acres was to include the main residence plus Swimming Pool and extensive landscaping. 

Our brief included the design of all external elements, including the Pool and Spa, Tennis Court, Ponds and Lakes, Wisteria Arbor, Lavender Garden, Rose Garden, vegetable garden and fruit tree area, formal driveway and pedestrian entry areas, informal shaded seating areas, formal and informal lawn areas, etc.  As with most of our projects, the design of this project commenced initially with the creation of an overall Landscape Master Plan for the total property, addressing the many different elements of and changes of level across the site, in so doing ensuring that the absolute best use was made of the property and maximising the visual connection to the residence.

We designed the Swimming Pool for this project as an extension of the rear entertaining area of the residence and was accordingly shaped like a quarter circle to fit into the L-shaped area, with the outer quadrant forming a weir that spilt over into the balance tank beneath. Our design for the outer wall of the Pool was such that it removed the need for a fence along the Pool’s outer boundary. 

The front of the property is screened by a tall row of colourful Liquidambar trees, whilst entry to the property is through wrought iron gates and under a shady avenue of tall North American Tulip Trees, with the brick-paved driveway being framed by clipped Japanese Box hedges on both sides. A circular driveway leads up to the front door of the main residence, whilst a gentle turn leads over a bridge, across a series of Ponds and cascades, and around to the Garages and Stables.

The Ponds and cascades were designed both as a focal point and a haven for native wildlife, as well as a reservoir for rainwater harvested off the rooftops and paved areas, prior to its reuse for irrigation of the lawn and garden areas.

One of the wonderful things about landscape design in many of the regions of Australia are the myriad of native and exotic plants that are able to be grown here. This project was no exception and the design of the planting for this project included plants from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, as well as from Australia and the Pacific Region. Some of the plants incorporated into this project include numerous varieties of Sasanqua, Japonica and Reticulata Camellias; trees with beautiful autumn colours (and some with spectacular flowers) such as Chinese Elms, Golden Robinias, Golden Weeping Willows (near the lakes), Italian Alders, Japanese Maples, Chinese Tallow Trees, Golden Elms, Peach Blossoms, Weeping Cherry Blossoms, Silver Birch, Flowering Crabapples, Tulip Magnolias, Weeping Mulberry, Weeping Purple Split-leaf Japanese Maples, Trident Maples, Red Sugar Maples, Chinese Maidenhair Trees and dramatic Smoke Bush; evergreens including Arctic Green Cypress, Kashmir Cypress and Giant Magnolias; free-flowering Azaleas and Rhododendrons; plus Yellow Clivea, American Grape Holly, Water Iris, Day Lilies, Chinese Wisteria, French Lavender, Yellow Banksia Roses and many more.

The landscape and general garden areas continue to be a great source of pleasure for all involved in this lovely project.