Commercial Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

As recognition of the functional, environmental, social and aesthetic benefits of quality landscape design and planning continues to increase, so too does the demand for our services in these areas of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. At Peter Glass & Associates we are committed to achieving creative, realistic and cost effective design solutions, tailored to suit our Client’s brief and budget.

Our extensive experience and expertise, together with our high level of design and documentation, have enabled us to work with a very diverse and generally long term Client base, as well as being a valued member of a number of multi-disciplinary teams in combination with other building professionals (such as Architects, Project Managers, Planners, Engineers and Surveyors) to successfully complete a large range of quality projects in the areas of:

  • URBAN DESIGN AND PUBLIC DOMAIN – Regional and local parklands, urban squares and plazas, streetscapes, public heritage sites, harbour foreshores
  • HOTELS, RESORTS AND LUXURY POOLS– National and international hotels and resorts, including eco-resorts plus luxury swimming pools and associated recreational facilities
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING – Wetlands, stormwater detention and management, conservation planning, natural revegetation, erosion control
  • BUSINESS PARKS AND INDUSTRIAL ESTATES – Technology parks, light and heavy industrial estates, logistics, warehousing, data centres
  • APARTMENTS AND MULTI-HOUSING – Luxury apartment complexes, townhouses, prestige gated estates, high-rise developments
  • HEALTH, RECREATION, EDUCATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE – Sporting complexes, community pools, schools and colleges, day-care centres, hospitals and clinics, utilities, transport corridors
  • COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS – Corporate headquarters, office towers, shopping centres, cinema complexes.

It is our mission to continue to provide exceptional, cost-effective design and documentation services that will assist Clients and consultant teams to gain timely building approvals, achieve a high quality of landscape construction and provide the project with significant long-term environmental, functional and aesthetic benefits. On the completion of each project it is our aim to have added significant value to the development and to have provided a finished landscape that all members of the team can be proud of.