This project, in a steep and sandy area of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, presented us with some wonderful challenges, not the least being the need to balance ‘cut’ and ‘fill’ to minimise the amount (and therefore cost) of material that will need to be brought in or removed from the site via the narrow steep side passageway. 

The design of this Pool, Spa and surrounding poolside area make excellent use of the small, multi-level space originally available. Working with the slope of the site, the Spa was designed at the level of the main poolside entertaining areas and located so as to receive the water that cascaded down the face of the impressive black ‘bookleaf’ limestone wall to its rear. The cascade, uplit at night and activated by an adjustable-flow pump, provides a dramatic backdrop to both the Pool and Spa. This is even further enhanced by the sound of the water dancing down the face of the uneven limestone.  The Spa incorporates an additional shallow underwater seating/lounging area to the base of the cascade, for those who don’t wish to be fully immersed. 

As the water from the cascade spills down into the Spa, the water in the Spa runs over the broad sandstone weir and in turn spills down into the Pool beneath, with the water flow adjustable from a strong current to a gentle sheet of water. A generous underwater seating niche has been incorporated into the raised pool walling at the deep end, whilst broad sandstone stairs lead to the water’s edge at the shallow end.  A swimout/seating ledge, with a beautifully tiled and uniformly radiussed outer edge, runs the full length of the opposite side of the Pool, providing additional safe and easy access into and out of the Pool.

The special colour-blend of Italian glass mosaic tiles used in the Pool interior create an interesting, dynamic, highly reflective yet serene turquoise appearance, further enhanced when the flush-mounted marine grade stainless steel lights are turned on at night.  A selected natural sandstone material, dense enough to ensure that it is suitable for use around salt water pools and sand-blasted to provide it with a non-slip finish, has been used as the paving material around the Pool and Spa.

The successful blending of the internal and external living spaces enables maximum use of the combined entertaining areas and ensures the seamless integration of the architectural elements with the adjacent natural environment.  The full height, floor to ceiling concertina glass doors provides an abundance of natural light together with unobstructed city skyline and harbour views.

This Pool is enjoyed summer and winter, night and day, rain or clear skies, with the tropical planting further enhancing the Pool area’s year-round appeal.