The owners of this unique waterfront property on Sydney’s lower north shore knew that they would have only one opportunity to create a truly special Swimming Pool in the area between their existing home and the steep embankment leading down to the water. They were also aware of the many potential obstacles that lay ahead of them, including with regard to the difficulties of obtaining council approval on such a prominent and potentially controversial site; the likely concerns with regard to having to build the Pool in close proximity to existing established trees; and the difficulties of constructing a project of this scale with such relatively poor site access.  

Deciding that their project was too important to take any chances with, the owners contacted ourselves, initially because they were aware that we were Australia’s longest established and most specialized firm of landscape architects and swimming pool designers, but also because they were aware of our extensive track record of completed projects on similarly challenging sites. They were also pleased to find out that we had designed a number of beautiful projects on similar waterfront properties in the general area. We were engaged to design, document and project manage the entire Pool and landscape project, including the extension of the upper level Balcony, the incorporation of a Gymnasium and Rumpus Room underneath, plus new stair access to connect the various levels. 

The Pool was sited and designed in a manner that enabled it to be constructed with minimal visual intrusion from any pool fencing between the Pool and residence – yet still fully compliant with all of the complex pool fencing requirements. In fact, the pool-safe barrier was actually turned into a feature by the spilling water over the entire continuous yet articulated edge, which is faced with a staggered Himalayan sandstone tile in a basket weave pattern and uplit at night. Any leaves that fall onto the surface of the Pool soon disappear over the edge of the weir and into the pebble-covered balance tank beneath, where they are easily removed. The play of water dancing over the face of the cascade and in the shallows that just cover the layer of river stones is a delight to be seen as well as heard!

The water on the far side of the Pool is contained by an almost invisible glass edge, providing a virtually seamless connection between the Pool and the harbour below, with lush vines of star jasmine trained over the outside face of the Pool wall, blending it into the adjacent landscape.

All Pool filtration and sanitation equipment was located in a purpose-built acoustic enclosure located under the house, with extra space provided for additional storage purposes.

The landscaping, which included the planting of some rare and hardy varieties of Frangipani, Ginger Lilies, Palms, Iris, Cordyline, Bougainvillea and other sub-tropical plants, provided the finishing touches to the project and provide year-round beauty and horticultural interest.