This Bali-inspired Pool and Shade Pavilion, carefully nestled amongst tall Eucalypts on Sydney’s upper north shore, were designed both to complement the contemporary tropical Asian influences of the existing Residence as well as to further indulge the Clients’ passion for Bali. The Pool and surrounds were also designed in a manner that would allow the owners to ‘holiday’ at home.

The Pool, accessed by a timber boardwalk through the adjacent garden area, was carefully located at the edge of the property so as to create the illusion of the water appearing to spill over into the native bushland of the National Park beyond, in so doing highlighting the Pool’s connection with the surrounding landscape.

The Pool was cleverly designed and constructed in a manner that minimised any detrimental impact on the adjacent trees and landscape. In addition, the Pool incorporates a slender weir along its full length, designed to create a generous ‘over-full’ appearance and ensure that a thin sheet of water spills over the edge of the weir into a balance tank below, taking with it every leaf and any other debris that may happen to fall into the Pool. From the National Park side, all that is seen is a beautiful cascade of water dancing down the stone-faced outer wall of the Pool. This treatment was designed to specific levels to ensure that no perimeter pool fencing was required along that side of the Pool.

The turquoise waters of the Pool sparkle as they reflect the sunlight filtering through the overhead tree canopies. The traditional Balinese pavilion, including its thatched ‘ylang-ylang’ roof and ceiling and its carved teakwood beams and fretwork, creates an exotic ambiance and provides a cool retreat during the heat of the day and a dry retreat during inclement weather – in fact, a great place to relax whatever the weather and whatever the time of day or night.  From the residence, the Pool invites you to cool off in its tranquil waters, with uninterrupted views out over the adjacent National Park. 

This project won an Australian design award and was featured in the Oasis (Design for Outdoor Living) publication. 

More important to us however was the following message that our Clients sent us on the sale of their property:

Hello Peter

As you know we have sold our beautiful pool and home. May I take this opportunity to thank you once again for creating such a ‘sanctuary’ for us. The pool will be the hardest thing for me to leave. It has truly given us so much pleasure and I’m sure was a major reason for purchase by the new owners.

The pool has been featured on TV and appeared in numerous magazines – and will always be my little piece of heaven on earth! So thank you, Peter – you made all the difference! Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time in the future.

Kindest regards