Residential Swimming Pool Design and Landscape Architecture

At Peter Glass and Associates we have developed and refined our expertise in high quality, award-winning swimming pool design and landscape architecture over more than 30 years, to the extent where we are now recognised as leaders in this exciting and specialised area. From small residential sites and courtyards up to acreage and resort scale properties, we design each project according to our Client's specific requirements and 'wish list', ensuring that each project is unique.

We are often referred to as specialising in difficult and special sites – and it's true. Be it a steep site in a landslip area, a waterfront project in a challenging council area or just a 'special' project on a 'special' site that requires an innovative design solution, we can assist. From an onsite consultation or design workshop through to the total management of your project, our services can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Elements that we are able to look after, covering both 'hard' (built) and 'soft' landscape elements, include:

  • SWIMMING POOLS AND SPAS – formal or informal pools; lap pools or plunge pools; geometric or freeform; large or small; bio-filtration or conventional filtration; connected or disconnected to residence; rooftop or garage top; recreational or hydrotherapy spas, etc.
  • INDOOR POOLS AND SPAS – enclosed within existing or proposed structure; naturally or mechanically ventilated; dehumidified and heated; natural and artificial lighting, etc.
  • POOL CABANAS AND OUTDOOR ROOMS – partially open or fully enclosed; kitchenette or bathroom facilities; audio or video equipped; seasonal or year-round use, etc.
  • SHADE PAVILIONS AND PERGOLAS/ARBORS – sun protection or rain protection; shaded by adjustable louvres, timber slats, deciduous or evergreen flowering vines; steel, masonry or timber posts/columns, etc.
  • GLASS OR ACRYLIC POOL AND SPA WALLS, FLOORS, EDGES, WINDOWS AND PANELS - free-standing; cantilevered; back or front lit, etc.
  • POOL FEATURES AND FACILITIES - swim jets, wave machines, tube slides, cascades and waterfalls, balance tanks
  • PONDS, LAKES AND WATER FEATURES – formal or informal, natural or sanitised, native fish or exotic fish, native waterbird habitats, waterplay and aeration devices,
  • EARTH MOUNDING, SCULPTING AND EMBANKMENT STABILISATION – excavation and earthworks, vegetative or geotechnical stabilisation, erosion control
  • LAWN AND GARDEN AREAS – formal or informal, geometric or freeform
  • SAUNAS, STEAMROOMS AND GYMNASIUMS – built-in or free-standing;
  • TENNIS COURTS – surface finishes, lighting, shade pavilion, fencing, retractable fencing curtains• MULTI-PURPOSE RECREATIONAL FACILITIES – basketball, netball, soccer, tennis
  • RETAINING AND FREE-STANDING WALLS – structural, decorative or screening; reinforced concrete block, stone, or combination;
  • DRIVEWAYS AND PAVED AREAS – concrete or stone construction and finish; drainage, expansion and control joints,
  • GARAGES AND CARPORTS – attached to Residence or free-standing; conventional roof or 'green' (vegetated) roof;
  • MINOR HOME EXTENSION AND RENOVATION WORKS – especially with regard to junction of internal and external spaces
  • SCULPTURAL ELEMENTS – stainless steel, glass, bronze, specimen plants, artefacts
  • PRIVACY SCREENS – masonry, timber, opaque glass, vegetative
  • FENCING AND SAFETY BALUSTRADING – glass, metal, masonry, timber
  • RAINWATER HARVESTING – above or below ground tanks; subterranean drainage cell tanks; diversion into lawn or garden areas
  • SURFACE AND SUB-SURFACE DRAINAGE – ground contouring, drainage inlets and pits, sub-surface drainage
  • FIRE PITS – Gas burning, wood burning, bio-fuel burning
  • BARBEQUES AND OUTDOOR KITCHENS – modular or custom made; built-in or freestanding;
  • LANDSCAPE LIGHTING – uplights, downlights, spotlights or area lights
  • LED, fibre optic or conventional;
  • IRRIGATION – mains water, dam, bore or rainwater storage derived; above ground or below ground; drip/trickle or spray; manual or programmed
  • CLIMATE CONTROL – Misting systems, outdoor heaters

In addition, we are also Specialist Horticulturalists. As surprising as it may sound, not all landscape architects are horticulturalists or specialists in planting design. We are however - plants and planting design are our passion, and we are accordingly able to provide the additional service of - 

  • Planting Design and Horticultural Advice – our plant knowledge extends to many different types and styles of planting, including Australian Native and Indigenous (formal and informal), Tropical/Rainforest, Traditional English, Cottage, Formal European, Mediterranean, Xerophytic (dry climate), Spanish/Moroccan and Productive/Pottager.

Further, whilst we are not Consulting Engineers and we do utilise the services of Consulting Engineers on most projects that we undertake, we have an extensive knowledge of Pool and general landscape structures, including retaining walls and pavilions. This enables us to provide the additional service of

  • Briefing of and Liaison with Consulting Engineers, plus review of Pool and other Structural, Civil and Hydraulic Detailing – steel reinforcing, concrete thicknesses, footing details, cantilevers and piering, retaining and free-standing walls, surface and sub-surface drainage, on-site detention and retention facilities, etc.

Our expertise includes specialist advice on Pool and Spa related finishes and equipment such as:

  • Filtration Systems – Sand, zeolite, bio-filtration, DE, cartridge etc.
  • Sanitation Systems – Salt (chlorine generators), liquid chlorine, ionisers/oxidisers, ozone, pH dosers, mineral purifierso
  • Internal Finishes – Glass mosaic tile, ceramic tile, superfine pebble, paint, quartz crystal, beadcrete,
  • Pool Surround Finishes – travertine, sandstone, quartzite, reconstituted stone, timber decking, overhang or flush, bullnosed or square-edged,
  • Pool and Spa Heating Systems – solar, heat pump, gas, combo gas/solar
  • Automated Pool Cleaning Systems – suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, in-floor cleaners
  • Electronic and Remote Control Systems- to operate heating, lighting, water features etc.o Underwater Lighting Systems – flush mounted, stainless steel, LED
  • Underwater Music Systemso Cascades and Water Features – rainwater cascades, curtain cascades, LED or fibre optic-lit cascades
  • Pool and Spa Covers – automated covers, thermal covers, safety covers
  • Pool and Spa Safety Fencing – complying pool cascades/walls, glass fencing, metal fencing, masonry fencing
  • Misting Systems – for temperature amelioration and visual effect, especially in combination with lighting

Our Clients are people who often have limited spare time and who appreciate the benefits of having a company with our level of experience and expertise look after them – providing them with peace of mind and freeing them up to spend more time on their own business, or doing things that they'd prefer to do - such as relaxing or spending time with the family.

Our Clients are people who are willing to invest in their lifestyle, in a manner that they and their family can enjoy now and that can at the same time add significant value to their property for the future.

Our services are tailored specifically to suit each Client, and just as no two Clients are ever the same, similarly no two sites or 'wish lists' are ever the same.

Our services can extend from an Initial Consultation and Design Workshop through to total Design and Project Management services, with many options in between, depending upon your requirements.

The extensive range of services that we are able to provide to our Clients includes:

  • Initial Consultation and Design Workshop (including the provision of practical and exciting ideas, concepts and design advice).
  • Preparation of the Landscape Concept Plan
  • Preparation of the Opinion of Probable Cost
  • Preparation of the Landscape Master Plan
  • Preparation of the Landscape Planting Plan
  • Preparation of the Development Application for Council submission purposes, including the Statement of Environmental Effects, BASIX Certificate, Site Coverage Calculations etc. Please note that we are proud of our exceptionally high success rate with regard to our preparation of Development Applications and related submissions for Clients
  • Preparation of Working Drawings plus detailed Tender & Construction Specifications
  • Seeking of competitive tenders, analysis of tenders, negotiation of final Contract Sum plus organisation of Construction Contract
  • Periodic Inspection of project during construction, including Contract Administration
  • Organisation of purchase of finishes or materials at wholesale or trade price (direct to Client)or
  • The Total Management and Coordination of your project, from initial consultation right through to completion.

We also provide Pre-Purchase Inspections to Clients considering whether a certain property has the potential to satisfy their future pool and landscape requirements, or wondering whether the pool and landscape of a property they are considering purchasing are in a satisfactory condition.

At Peter Glass and Associates we are proud of the large number of outstanding projects that we have helped create. Our work has won many awards and has been featured in a large range of national and international publications, as well as on television. We feel privileged to be able to assist our Clients to achieve the ultimate in integrated pool and landscape design.