Peter Glass has over 30 years of professional experience as a landscape architect, having graduated from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.

As Managing Director and Principal Landscape Architect of Peter Glass and Associates, Peter still has very much of a ‘hands on’ role in all aspects of the practice, and particularly the design, horticultural, construction detailing and site inspection plus quality control sides, as well as in liaison with Clients plus provision of expert witness and testimony services.

Peter’s vast experience and his extensive knowledge of the numerous facets of landscape architecture and swimming pool design, combined with his clear and logical manner of thinking and his ‘comfort’ in providing expert testimony, have resulted in his successful assistance with a large range of expert witness matters, extending from the Land and Environment Court right through to the Supreme Court.

Peter has developed particular expertise in the design of swimming pools and water features, both in Australia and overseas. As a result of this expertise, Peter Glass & Associates have designed projects for many overseas Clients, including projects in Italy, the UK, USA, Thailand, Fiji, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Malaysia and China.    

Whilst still very much involved in the design of projects, Peter is also responsible for quality control and for ensuring that the company delivers the highest standards of design and service. Peter’s unique style, ability to foresee design opportunities, meticulous attention to detail, construction experience and horticultural knowledge, together with his personal need to always achieve the ultimate design solution, have helped ensure that the name Peter Glass & Associates is synonymous with quality, innovation and professionalism.




Marion Spiller has been a leading and highly valued member of the team at Peter Glass & Associates for over 15 years. Her experience as a landscape architect has included a diverse range of national and international design experiences, both prior to and since joining Peter Glass and Associates. 

Marion has been involved in the design and documentation of a large variety of residential, commercial and public open space projects.  She has also gained extensive experience and expertise in the design and construction of rooftop gardens, water features, swimming pools and related facilities, as well as in high-quality residential and commercial landscape architectural projects. 

Marion is one of our two Associate Directors and is primarily responsible for the design, documentation and project management of private residential landscape and swimming pool projects. Marion’s exceptional design skills, combined with her practical knowledge of site possibilities, her technical knowledge of construction options, her well-developed aesthete with regard to the selection of finishes, her professionalism and her excellent communication skills have assisted hugely in the creation of many magnificent projects.



Peter Lawson’s professional experience spans over 35 years in all facets of landscape architecture, urban design and environmental planning. This period included 18 years as Principal of his own well-respected landscape architectural practice, prior to joining Peter Glass & Associates in 2002.

Peter is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and a Past President of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (NSW). Peter is well respected within the profession for his extensive and practical knowledge of the many aspects of landscape architecture and horticulture, as well as for his overall professionalism and his commitment to the practice of landscape architecture.

Peter is one of our two Associate Directors and is primarily responsible for the design, documentation and project management of Public, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional projects as well as Environmental Planning projects, where his vast experience and expertise ensure that the company’s high standards of design and documentation are maintained.